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Information Access Design




In this work, we propose a method for helping users explore information via Web searches by using a question and answer (Q&A) corpus archived in a community Q&A site. When users do not have clear information needs and have little knowledge about the task domain, it is difficult for them to create queries that adequately reflect their information needs. We focused on facets like “famous temples,” “historical townscapes,” and“delicious sweets,” which we call adjective facets, and developed a method of extracting these facets from question and answer archives at a community Q&A site. The proposed method suggests extracted adjective facets to users who are using a Web search engine to support their exploration ofWeb search results in a way that lines up with their interests. The results from user experiments showed that our adjective facets could provide more interesting terms related to the queries than some baselines including conventional query suggestions.


  • Takehiro Yamamoto, Satoshi Nakamura and Katsumi Tanaka:
    “Extracting Adjective Facets from Community Q&A Corpus”
    Proceedings of the 20th ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2011), pp.2021-2024, Oct, 2011 (Poster paper). [PDF]


  • Best Distinguished Young Researcher Award
    The 3rd International Workshop with Mentors on Databases, Web and Information Management for Young Researchers (iDB2011), August 2011.